Dr. Regina Moore

Educator, Advocate, Community Builder, Consultant, Freelance Writer, Artist & Pharmacist

About Me

I’m Regina Moore, a pharmacist turned thought leader and consultant. Guided by experiences as a healthcare advocate, financial literacy champion, and mother, I’m known for fostering community resilience and pioneering progressive drug policy reform.

Advocating Change: Drug Policy, Finance, Community

I’m a pharmacist who’s transitioned into a role of thought leadership, entrepreneurship, consulting, and writing. Informed by my expertise in healthcare and finance, I’ve carved out a path of empowering individuals, building resilient communities, and advocating for compassionate drug policies. My life’s journey, intertwined with my son’s cancer journey, has been a potent catalyst that’s sharpened my focus on what truly matters. This process drove me to passionately pursue my interests and advocacy.

I leverage my experiences and insights to stimulate meaningful conversations around health, finance, and community. My son’s resilience in his cancer battle has offered me a unique perspective, helping me to better appreciate the importance of compassionate health policies and financial stability. This worldview has led to the co-founding of Women’s Personal Finance and The Psychedelic Pharmacists Association.

As a thought leader, I continuously seek to challenge norms, inspire new ideas, and foster an environment conducive to growth and support. Whether it’s sharing my insights, foraging for mushrooms, exploring arts and crafts, or spending precious moments with my son, each facet of my life reflects a quest to educate, inspire, and empower. In the quieter moments, you’ll find me embracing nature’s tranquility or engaging with my community on various platforms.

My Main Projects

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A platform dedicated to empowering women and nonbinary people through financial education and fostering a supportive community for their personal and financial growth.


Crafting Powerful Narratives and Consultancy in Health Advocacy, Financial Literacy, and Community Development. Through writing, speaking, consulting, websites and art. Including some fun with stickers and art via Simple or Bust

The Leading Non-Profit Devoted to Pharmacists Advancing Psychedelics as Medicines

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